Complete Retirement Planning Services

From legacy planning to tax planning, when you use Capstone, you can get all of your retirement planning needs met with one local business.


Did you know that most of our clients had a financial advisor before using our services? Why the switch? Because we focus exclusively on retirement planning. Most advisors do a good job at getting you to retirement, but don’t focus on a plan for your retirement.

The biggest differences you’ll experience working with Capstone?

  • 1

    We’re a family run business, you get a complete team working on your retirement plan.

  • 2

    We’re a local small business in the Palm Coast and Ormond Beach areas.

  • 3

    We’re independent. You won’t be given just one option when it comes to your retirement choices we present in your plan. We have multiple companies to choose from.

  • 4

    We are a holistic planning firm which means we look at more than just one part of your retirement, we look at each of the 5 worlds you’ll experience in your journey.

Our Financial Services Include

Income Planning

Without the right income, there is no retirement. We’ll help you answer the question, can I retire now? Even if you have a financial advisor, we’ll help you stress test your retirement savings to answer the tough questions to make sure you don’t run out of money for what you’ve saved your entire life for.

Investment Planning

In 2014, we started Capstone Investment Management, making us a fully independent firm in all investment-related matters. We’ll look at different “investment buckets” to establish a volatility measure to ensure you are where you want to be. We also want to look at your investments to to make sure they are structured to last as long as you do.

Tax Planning

We’ll help you determine your current and future tax liability. We’ll also evaluate your tax diversification to help you minimize your taxes in retirement. 

Healthcare Planning

This can go from anywhere from Medicare Planning and the various supplements and also long term care planning, it’s something to make sure you are prepared for.

Legacy Planning

We put a big emphasis on a surviving spouse when it comes to your Legacy Planning. We will also look at your kids and grandkids to make sure they are taken care of, but we want to take care of your spouse first. 

How do you really know you are going to be ok in retirement?

A journey that could last 20, 30, or 40 years?

A plan that is so important in retirement and takes away your worry

We have local office locations in Florida for you:

Palm Coast FL Retirement Planning
Ormond Beach, FL Retirement Planning

We also service these cities in the Florida:

St Augustine, FL
Daytona Beach, FL
Port Orange, FL